Re-Love and Re-Create!



“I enjoy making something new from something old and using my hands, heart and imagination.”

Handmade qualities are a feature of Nancy Pants’ bags. A combination of hand stitching (for aesthetics) and machine stitching (for strength) makes durable, functional bags, and entertains the eye with funny, unique fabrics and design details.

Sometimes there are imperfections in the fabrics, complimenting and informing the bag’s design, making them (in Nancy Pants’ eyes), closer to perfect.

“I integrate frayed edges from decorative blankets, pockets from the side of a pair of cargo pants, binding from an ornamental cushion cover, or a studded belt for a bag handle.”


“I respect our environment by minimising waste and reducing use of the multiple resources required for producing brand new products.”

Working from a philosophy that respects our environment through minimising what is discarded, and reducing the need for all the various resources required for producing brand new products, Nancy Pants’ handcrafted bags are made entirely from second-hand fabrics and materials (except for sewing and embroidery threads).

“I Re-Love and Re-Create!”