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Accessories Digital Collage
Accessories Digital Collage

Recent Designs by Nancy Pants

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Briefly – Recycling and Sustainability


Post-consumer waste consists of any type of garments or household goods (sheets, towels, glassware and furniture). Traditionally, the bulk of post-consumer waste has been of reasonable-to-good-quality garments that can be recycled by another user as second-hand clothing. Clothing that is unlikely to be worn again is also potentially functional as it may be cut to produce industrial wiping rag or shredded into fibre to be reprocessed. Continue reading Briefly – Recycling and Sustainability

Coco Chanel and Modernity


Image: Jean Cocteau. ‘Poiret departs, Chanel arrives.’ Drawing, 1926/28. From Jewelery by Chanel, Patrick Mauries.

The modernity of Coco Chanel’s designs derive from a strategy which purposefully upended early twentieth century notions of western and european fashion. Chanel and her designs aligned with aesthetic principles of the modern also utilised by art and architecture. She stripped clothing back to basic functions and removed extraneous forms of decoration. Relaxed the constraints of clothing and reformed restrictive edwardian clothing conventions. Prioritised comfort, simplicity and practical use through her specific use of materials and combination of tailoring and dressmaking techniques. Continue reading Coco Chanel and Modernity